Four Papers at GRAPP 2020

Written by Martin Kraus on . Posted in General

We presented four papers at GRAPP 2020:

  • “Outdoor Illumination Estimation for Mobile Augmented Reality: Real-time Analysis of Shadow and Lit Surfaces to Measure the Daylight Illumination” by Fulvio Bertolini and Claus B. Madsen,
  • “Challenges of Visually Realistic Augmented Reality” by Claus B. Madsen,
  • “Preliminary Study on the Use of Off-the-Shelf VR Controllers for Vibrotactile Differentiation of Levels of Roughness on Meshes” by Ivan Nikolov, Jens H√łngaard, Martin Kraus, and Claus B. Madsen, and
  • “On the Preference for Travel by Steering in a Virtual Reality Game” by Martin Kraus.